1. Comfort recipe not recognized

I’m trying to run a simulation to generate a micro climate map, and i’m getting this error in the PMV comfort analysis recipe component:

  1. Comfort recipe not recognized.

Hi @2153543680,

Mostly this happens when the zone information does not match with the resultfile. This can be the case when you import the resultfile with the HB enrgyplus look-up folder component.

  • How should I deal with it, please

Attach read output files directly to the simulation component. Then you are sure the same data is used.

Your help was very much appreciated!

I have confirmed using data from the same source :joy:
Could it be something else? :lying_face:

Perhaps this item _zoneRelHumid should be attached. All the inputs which start with “__” are obligated.


Hi @2153543680,

I think you should check warning one and two. (the orange ones)

You possibly have two different analysis periods in your model (warning 1), and maybe you’ve assigned a data branch of values only (warning 2), not a data collection. Somewhere - without seeing your file there isn’t much to say.

As none of your previous posts that I’ve seen has a .gh file attached to it, I assume you haven’t read the forum guidelines. It would help you getting more meaningful replies, if you post your questions accordingly: