1. fisheye HDR image for glare analysis

i have a problem with glare analysis
i recieved an error:
You need a fisheye HDR image for an accurate study.
This image seems not to be a fisheye image which may produce inaccurate results.
what should i do?

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The camera_Type should be “1”

tnx but it is set to 1 . there is another problem…

nobody can’t help me?!

@Tim509, You need to be clear about the errors otherwise it is impossible to help you with your problem.

@zzq’s suggestion should solve the issue with generating a fish-eye image. What is “another problem”? What is the error message? Can you share a file to regenerate it?

Also see this: Ladybug Tools Forum Guidelines

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i attached the file…please help me to solve the problem! in the first it was set to 1 and my problem was not solved by @zzq 's advise. [2018-02-09_20-07-05|690x382]

<a class=“attachment” href="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/516a8a7bfe23800613f9d094ec034ed18a10be41.for test3.gh (543.8 KB)

Unfortunately the geometry is not internalised, so we can’t check the file properly. Upload again @Tim509.

for test3.gh (543.8 KB)

See image.
I forced the _simulationType input to 2 (lumnance). Even though it is the default, for some reason it didn’t work. @mostapha can you check why?
Also inserted again the glareAnalysis component. You are using a previous version that the updater didn’t load right.


tnx alot @AbrahamYezioro
i think my image viewer was in previous version too and it made the problem. now it is solved…tnx alot