1. Solution exception:'bool' object has no attribute 'upper'

Hello group,

Does anyone know how to deal with this 1. Solution exception:‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘upper’ - error? Or what can it be caused by?

As far as i remember close Gh/Rhino and restart from fresh. Or before that try to (right click) recompute the solution.


Does not work … I’ll try a restart …just in case

restart won’t do it either … :frowning:

Is the file updated?

Uploading it can be more useful.


well i thought it was now i tried it on a simple geometry and it says that I should update HB - will try that now

same problem even after update …

Hi Stefania, Hi Abraham

Stefania, can you post the file here? The problem is something like this:

Probably, some Boolean variables in your component have the “uppercase function”.



Here is the file, if you manage to fix it i would appreciate a print screen on how to solve it …

squared building - 10-04-2016.gh (1.36 MB)

Hi Stefania,

the error is because you have connected a boolean parameter to altConstruction_.

Besides, I suggest you:

  1. update your LB HB. The current version is the March version.

  2. draw shadows surfaces in different way, much more schematic, in this way you could increase the speed of the calculation.

If you want take a look here:





I got HB daylight analysis, but I have the same problem, what should I do?

  1. Solution exception:‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘folder’
    I update all plugins and radiance but it doesn’t work

Possibly also you connected something wrong.
To be able to help you at least a screenshot or better a gh file( with geo internalized) would be needed.