1. Solution exception:'Brep' object has no attribute 'duplicate'

Daylight from scratch.gh (131.2 KB)

I’m trying to run this simple workflow for daylight but unable to due to the error 1. Solution exception:‘Brep’ object has no attribute ‘duplicate’ Tolerances are 0.01 and meter so doesn’t seem the reason.
I’m wondering if it’s due to HBzone to object error in reading or something else.

How do I proceed?

You are mixing Legacy with LBT components. They don’'t like each other.


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I understand, but in almost all tutorials they are mixed and it works for them. And when I’m trying to run this problem comes-
All in all I’m unable to conduct daylight analysis due to these issues.

What tutorials are you watching!? I can’t say that I have made or seen any tutorials that have them mixed.

Not your videos Chris, but yes I replaced them with only LBT components and it worked.