1. Solution exception:"LargeOffice" was not found in the program type library

Hello all,

Just updated to LBT 1.1.0 and trying to get up to speed on the changes.

Can anyone advise if there is any formal documentation / tutorials on 1.1.0. ?

I am trying to input a program from the BldPrograms component into a room solid component and getting the following error:

  1. Solution exception:“LargeOffice” was not found in the program type library.

Do i need to populate my program type library (assuming it would come installed with this program type as it appears as a default)


Replying to my own post here…

It turns out there is an instruction to input as text so simply “2013::ClimateZone3::Mass” works.

I assumed that the input would be more complex but great to see how this will make life easy

Hi @Octagon26

When downloading LBT from food4rhino, there is a folder called samples in the installation folder. There are great examples to learn.

Thanks Mohammad, indeed those will be most helpful.