1. Solution exception:name 'debug' is not defined


I have no problem with the use of “split2floors” previously. However, I opened my old file recently and found that there is an error “1. Solution exception:name ‘debug’ is not defined” for the “split2floors” component.

Though most of the time it can be solved by recomputing the component, as my algorithm is an automated process for multiple cases, this error would be quite troublesome for me as I need to recompute again for each case.

Please help. Thanks.


What is the full error message from readme output?


@mostapha, @Ivanita

This error is due to some stray code (for debugging) I left while I was modifying this component a year ago. I can send a PR with the fix tomorrow, which will solve this.




We’ve added the change that should fix your error: https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/honeybee/pull/720 .

Try updating your Honeybee components and give it another shot.