1. Solution exception:name 'w' is not defined

Hi, I’m getting the “1. Solution exception:name ‘w’ is not defined” when I drag and drop the component onto the canvas, even before I try to connect the .epw file. Everything worked before until I started getting the “Please let the Ladybug fly…” message on the “Import .epw” component - couldn’t get it to work even though I toggled the “fly” component, so I downloaded the newest version which didn’t help. How can I get rid of the “1. Solution exception:name ‘w’ is not defined” and make it work?



Hi Julia,

welcome to the Ladybug tools community.
Just a quick question, have you dropped the Ladybug.Ladybug component in your Grasshopper canvas?
Make sure you do so every time you start a Ladybug or Honeybee project.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.