1. Solution exception:'NoneType' object has no attribute 'GetBoundingBox'

I’m trying to run a daylight autonomy simulation. The radiance parameter setting shows an error. Can someone tell me what ‘Get Bounding Box’ means?

Although it’s hard to tell from just the screenshot, I think your input for _HBObjects might be incorrect. The input should either be HBSrf or HBZone. You are likely connecting geometry directly to that input.

Thanks. I tried uploading the file but since i just joined i’m not allowed to upload any files.

@sarith is right. The issue is that something “empty” is connected to that data component, that then goes to the AR component. This is usually the case when something shows as “NoneType” object, it is usually a HBSurface that has no geometry connected to it. The same issue won’t allow the simulation to run.

Hi everyone! I’m getting the exact same error while running a Comfort Autonomy simulation, the error appears within the Indoor View Factor Calculator component, bellow I’m posting the file I’m using, which is the best workflow to use for this simulation?

Comfort_Autonomy3.gh (690.1 KB)

You error is completely different than the original one @Dconforte , even if the message is the same.

Can you tell the solution for this, I have a similar error