1. Solution exception:'NoneType' object is not iterable _ weather data name problem

Hi everybody,
When I try to bake the Ladybug_ Bar Chart and Line Chart component the errors occurs as below.

Anyone faces this before?

Bar Chart read me: Current document units is in Meters
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
The layer name: 'ISTANBUL - TUR IWEC Data ’ is not a valid layer name.
Runtime error (TypeErrorException): ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable
line 1183, in main, “”
line 1203, in script

Line Chart read me: The layer name: 'ISTANBUL - TUR IWEC Data ’ is not a valid layer name.
Runtime error (TypeErrorException): ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable
line 469, in bakeGeo, “”

line 514, in script


What are the data that you are passing to the component?

Hi Mostapha,
Thank you for your quick reply.

For Bar Chart: basic inputs comes from Read Ep results comp. such as…
read ep results (all results) > energy balance > select average data > Bar chart. (also added image: before and after baking)

For line chart: 3 basic inputs
import epw (dry bulb temp.) > Adaptive comfort calc
read Ep results (air temp + mean rad. temp.) > Adaptive comfort calc.

  1. adaptive comfort calc. (upper unf lower temp. bound.) > Line Chart
  2. import epw (dry bulb temp.) > Line Chart
  3. Read Ep results (operative temp) > line Chart

Also if you like, you can dowload .gh file from this link:

It is too big to upload for forum.

Thank you very much.

Hi @mostapha. I also face the same baking problem as @kalpkirmaz, when working on monthly energy balance data.
You can see attached a simple file with the problem.

FYI, when I try to bake it using the native GH commend I get the error that “You are about to bake an invalid mesh.”

BarChartBake.gh (494.0 KB)

Hi @farhang.tahmasebi,
I get a different error before I could replicate the error you mentioned. Can you recheck this data type?

Sorry @devang. I don’t know why the data is internalized like this.
Please see attached the full model. The relevant components are in lower right side of the canvas.
AB_FT_BaselineEnergyModel.gh (807.3 KB)

Please write following at line 3290 in Ladybug_ladybug;
layerName = layerName.replace(" ", “”)

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Thanks @devang. It mostly solved the problem.
Just as reference for others, of course the quotations must be made all non-curly.

More importantly, there are still minor problems to perhaps think about later. One is that the legend mesh is not backed. Secondly, an input of 2 to bakeIt crashes it again.

If you could please provide a file with correctly internalized data then we can fix these errors

Thanks @devang for the offer. But I cannot make it to internalise the data correctly. While first they the Data content looks fine, strangely, after restarting Rhino the dates are replaced with those keys.

Can we start a new topic for this. That will be easier to read and answer.