1. Solution exception:Result folder contains no grids_info.json

I am trying to run daylight analysis using the 1.2.0 version of LB Tools and when i run the annual daylight part I get this error “1. Solution exception:Result folder contains no grids_info.json.”

attached the .gh file image for reference

You get that error because the simulation didn’t run correctly. Looking at your screenshot, that Wea component is not like the others. I suggest you manually replace it.

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thank you. that did the trick.

also is it not possible to attach non-planar surfaces as glazing? i have a building thats oval in shape, i have split it into straight segments and did the same for the glazing i want to attach to it. but when I add it as a subface i get this error: “1. The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face: