1. Solution exception:'ScheduleFixedInterval' object has no attribute 'default_day_schedule'


I created a schedule by FixedIntervalSchedule for set points and made a program. Then, I wanted to use DeconstrProgram, but I encountered an error message.


Hey @Mohammad.hakim.a ,

That component is meant to deconstruct schedules that are composed of repeating day schedules.

FixedInterval Schedules are not structured this way since they’re composed of a full list of 8760 values. I imagine the component that you actually want is the HB Schedule to Data component, which can give you all 8760 values of your schedule as a data collection.

I’ll see if I can implement a better warning message in that component so that people don’t get confused about this in the future.

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FYI, I added a better warning message on the component:

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Hi @chris

Your answer is ideally. This warning message got better.