1.Solution exception:The type initializer for 'OpenStudio.OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE' threw an exception


I have just attempted to use an example file from Hydra, but I have received a warning, as the attached image indicates.

Previously, I have read that the components can be upgraded if an example file from Hydra is used. In this case, should I upgrade the versions of the components to 1.2.0?

I have also attached the downloaded files.

Thank you.

Color_Zones_With_Energy_Model_Results.3dm (767.2 KB)

Color_Zones_With_Energy_Model_Results.gh (665.9 KB)

All examples on hydra are currently for Legacy and there’s no automated way to upgrade a Grasshopper definition from Legacy to LBT. I would suggest either manually re-making the hydra definition using the LBT plugin or, if you want to use Legacy, use OpenStudio 2.9.1 instead of the later versions.

Hello Mr. @chris Mackey,

Thank you very much for answering my question.

Thank you again.

Hello did you manage to solve it?