"1. You do not have OpenStudio installed on Your System..."

Hello, I have had a problem with a script that I created about four months ago. The script worked well, when it was created.
Recently, I attempted to use the same script again, but I received an warning indicated in the attached image.
Then, I downloaded the latest version of OpenStudio which is 3.1.0, but it has not solved the problem, yet.

Could this problem be solved?

Thank you


I attempted to reinstall OpenStudio 3.1.0, but I have got the warning that shows that Honeybee cannot find OpenStudio on my system, as the attached image shows.

I also attempted to uninstall OpenStudio 3.1.0 and other versions, and then reinstall OpenStudio 2.9.1, but I received the same message.

I was just wondering how this problem could be solved.

Thank you