100% outside air system

I am trying to define a 100% fresh air DOAS system using Ironbug. I am doing this by setting the MinimumFractionofOutdoorAirSchedule to 1. However, there is an error message the pops out:

The error message says:

1. Solution exception:Failed to set Minimum Fractionof Outdoor Air Schedule! Please double check input data type, or schedule type! 
In most cases, some components only accepts "Temperature" schedule type instead of default "Dimensionless". 
If this is the case, please use ScheduleTypeLimits to set "UnitType" to an appropriate value.
Detail error message:
Invalid cast from 'System.String' to 'OpenStudio.Schedule'.

The EnergyPlus simulation can be completed without severe error, though. I just want to make sure that the red object in Grasshopper is harmless. Attached is the GH file.

single_zone_DOAS.gh (134.9 KB)

Hi @erydjunaedy!
Using a schedule (set to always on) component to replace the Always On text input, the error was removed from the OAController component.

single_zone_DOAS_TF.gh (139.4 KB)

I hope that is helpful

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