2 internal windows in one wall error

Hi @chris, @mostapha,

There is something strange going on with the HoneybeeAdHBGLz component.

  1. When I ad two interior windows in one interior wall, the geometry seems right but the simulation is not running because of the following error:

  1. When I ad just one window I get the following warning:

  1. When I remove the ouside window I get the following error:

The concerning geometry you can find in the attachments below.

1.HB (286.5 KB) 2.HB (268.4 KB) 3.HB (255.9 KB)

Hi @chris, @mostapha,

I discovered the problem.
I have to ad first the glazing and then do the adjencies solving and not the other way around. :slight_smile:
This was quite confusing because with the add glazing by percentage component you have first to solve the adjencies and than add the glazing.