2 side subfaces for daylight analysis

Hi everyone

I have a brick that have holes in their y axis, (its called Roster Brick in my country), somehow like cinder block but the hole is horizontal. One of its functions is to give access for natural daylight in a room.

Is it possible to run daylight simulation when you have 2 side subfaces? I try to explain with figure below.

As far as I know, ladybug and honeybee would read a wall as single surface. In this case, I have to input outdoor and indoor side (2 surfaces) of the wall because its have different hole size. Any explanation would be appreciated:)

parametric roster_to forum.gh (67.7 KB)

Hi @yanayuliana,

If you model all of the surfaces of your roster brick as faces that could work (this is an alternative to a rooms based approach).

But from my limited knowledge of radiance, given the small geometry of the roster brick relative to the room this looks like a scenario where using a bsdf modifier could make sense. Not something I know much about, and quite a big rabbit hole of radiance to learn and dive down, there’s some info on it here

For simplicity I would recommend trying the face approach first.