2050 Future EPW Data could not be morphed by DF Tool

Hello all,

I got 2050 EPW file from CCWorldWeatherGen. I needed to get morphed 2050 EPW file to see UHI effect for future projection. However, the file I got morphed by DF does not contain required data, it includes first 9 row only.

By the way, I can get morphed EPW file for normal EPW files (i.e: TMYx or 2004-2018 EPW) by DF tools. I mean the connections seem ok.

Is it possible to get morphed EPW file by DF (UWG) for future UHI effect?

I am a new user so I shared all required files in below link.


Sorry for the late response @halil . It seems the download link expired. You gain the ability to upload files directly to the forum here by browsing other topics (I might recommend doing so and then trying to upload the file here).

I don’t know what is wrong with the EPW from CCWorldWeatherGen but I guess that it is not formatted in a way that the Urban Weather Generator likes. If you upload it here again, I’ll take a look.

Hello Chris,

I attached the required documents. I checked other topics and found no matching one to get UWG file for future projection (i.e: 2050 )

EPW files and gh file.rar (387.4 KB)

Thank you.

@halil ,

Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry that it took me a while to investigate. It seems the EPW files that are output from CCWeatherGen do not have the last three fields that most of the EPWs from DoE have:

  • 32 Albedo
  • 33 Liquid Precipitation Depth
  • 34 Liquid Precipitation Quantity

The Urban Weather Generator is largely able to handle cases like this but was getting tripped up on the process of writing out the resulting EPW. I just pushed a fix:

You should be able to get the fix on your end with the LB Versioner in an hour or so. It will also be in the LBT 1.3 release happening soon. Here’s your morphed EPW as proof.
TUR_Izmir-Adnan.Menderes.Univ_HadCM3-A2-2050_UWG.epw (1.4 MB)

Dear @chris ,

Thank you for your attention and your time for the solution to the issue.

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