3-Phase Daylight simulation Assertion Error

Hello, everyone.

I’m going to use 3-Phase of Honeybee [+] to extract the result value for lux by the annual time.

The reason why I use 3-Phase is because I have installed a louver in my geometry and I want to see the annual illumination according to its angle.

However, I am not getting the result value due to an error.

Can I get a solution to this?

Thank you for your answers.

I will attach my file for your reference.

Thank you
[HB+] 3-phase illuminance simulation test.gh (542.1 KB)

Hi @JaeWon.Kim, I think this has come up a number of times. Have you searched the forum before posting your question?

Also you most likely should flatten the input for _HB_Objects input.

Hello @mostapha

Thank you for your answers.

As you said, the _HB_Objects input has been flattened.

Before posting this question, I looked up a lot of posts on the forum, and I saw a post with the same problem as me, but I couldn’t find anything with an exact answer.

Hello @JaeWon.Kim,
I tried to have a look at your file. @mostapha is right, the first problem is that the input geometry to Run Radiance Analysis is not flattened in your file. By doing so, the error goes away but you are still not able to run the simulation due to the fact that you need window groups to use the 3Phase analysis.
I suppose you want to simulate different configurations of the exterior blinds or a dynamic system, so you will have to create a window group state for every case and group them into a window group.