3D Chart analysis period

Hi Chris! I am following your lessons on your Youtube channel Very interesting and clear. Thank you. I have a question for you: is it possible to set an analysis period on the 3D Chart component? I would like, for example, to visualize the dry bulb temperatures only during summer… Thank you!

Marcello, See the following image.


Thank you Abraham! It works!

Only one further question. I am using a list of data coming from another software. When i connect the LB Header component it gives me error either if i connect it to the Average Data, or if i connect it to the 3D Chart. How can I connect it correctly?



See attached.

The data file includes 8760 hours for temperatures and humidity.

Hope it is clear now.


ClimTechnion.txt (94 KB)
OwnData_SelectedPeriod3Dchart.gh (412 KB)

Perfect! I did not know about the existence of the MERGE component.
…in effects i don’t know about the existence of most of the components.

I need a grasshopper manual. Where can I find it?

Thank you again, Abraham!

Hi All,

Are we able to please either republish the links (as it says they dont exist anymore) or fix the image posted by @AbrahamYezioro? I have noticed for a while now that some images aren’t coming up in discourse and instead directs me to ning.com - I’m assuming perhaps the links have all been disconnected.


You can find the discussion in the old LB forum.