3d Result Visualization

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Attached file shows 3 different examples of how you can visualize the results from Honeybee/Ladybug mesh in 3D. The file is not as clean as it should be but I think the logic is easy enough to follow.

Here is the screen captures:

Option I

Option II

Option III

LB_HB_3DResultsVisualization.gh (71.9 KB)

thanks Mostapha for quick respond

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for this examples. Presenting results in an understandable fashion is truly important.

I’ll ask your help in the attached. I used your file and just changed the mesh and the results. Option 2 is giving me trouble. I think i know where but don’t know why: In the DeconstructMesh component, just after LB_RecolorMesh, the input BaseMesh is 49 (7x7 grids), but the output MeshFaces is the square of it (2041). And this is making trouble. In your example both data are the same.

Additionally i’m adding another visualization option, taken from your first workshop. Feel free to improve it.



LB_HB_3DResultsVisualization_A.gh (163 KB)

Hi Abraham,

For some reason your input mesh was 49 copies of the same mesh. I selected the first one.

MeshFromPoints need number of U and V which is 7 and 7 in your case. Please check the attached file.

Thanks you for adding the forth option. I will use it for coming workshops.


LB_HB_3DResultsVisualization_A_msr.gh (163 KB)

Thanks Mostapha,

So simple, ah?

The question (another one) is why it happened (the mesh copies)? I internalized the results into the mesh component but they came right from LB calculations …


You’re very welcome. I think I should automate the process of 3d presentation so the script takes care of issues like this.

It hard to say without checking the file. My best guess is that data trees are not right somewhere. Either you have a list connected to an item access input or you grafted the data for one of the inputs.

Funny … you know that so far i don’t list or graft things :slight_smile:

Attached the original file.



HB_GeometryTest.gh (503 KB)

You are moving the mesh 49 times instead of doing it once. That was the list! :slight_smile:

HB_GeometryTest_msr.gh (503 KB)

Live and learn.



I have one question about Meshes:

I have a building with multiple testSurfaces and generate testPoints and Meshes from them.

What I want to have in the end is a Color Mesh with analysisResults that I put in manually. Everything works so far - the problem I have is:

as far as I understood - the _inputMesh in the Ladybug Re-Color Mesh works like this – it is aways matched to the number of faces in the inputMesh

So to get to the point - I have multiple surfaces with for example 2 Mesh faces, so when I input 2 Results it shows on both surfaces and so on. So what I would need is to make the multiple mashes to one. Do you know if and how this is possible?

I hope I could make it a bit understandable - if not - I could always upload the grasshopper file

Just as a note - the reason Im doing this is that I want to a real world analysis (Daylight Factor) and then visualize and compare it to a visualization made in Honeybee.

Thank you very much for now

cheers Tom

PS: also the thing is - they are not next to each other

Hi Thomas, I’m not sure if I clearly understand your question, but in case you want to input all the numbers at the same time, flatten and join the mesh so you will have a single mesh which has same number of faces as your results.

Thank you so much!!!

That simple thing did the trick =)

Hi Mostapha,
that’s really awesome. I did samething like your option2 on my own but you have introduced the illuminance profile. Cool!


hallo Mostapha

hallo community,

this gh file works awesome, thx mostapha, but is there a way to keep the scale always the same. I am a testing a simple room with different windows openings. When i change the windows dimensions, the 3d result is always showing the same shape. How can i assign every single color to a specific result ( for instance df 1% is blue, 2% is yellow…etc) so the scale of the 3d is changes accordingly?

thx for any help!


You can customize the scale range etc with the Legend Parameter component under Ladybug>Extra-

alright cool, i managed it!


Hi Mostapha! This is great! Good work!

I’ve been trying to get contour lines to display on my mesh several times now, but without success. Great to see that you have a way of displaying that. The other 3D options are also really cool.

(*Edited) I was having some issues with the contour lines. Solved it my playing around with the UV inputs of the ‘MeshFromPoints’ component. The problem was that I had U>V, but I solved it by making V<U

hallo Mostapha, hallo community,

i am facing this problem and i am not able to fix it…in attached files it shows even if i change the scale, the lux values next to windows are always the same…and with different scale, it changes but the values next to the window shows the same number…any idea?

thx in advance!,


ah, i found the problem…when the grid points are high , then it doesn’t work …, when i lower the grid points the it works…

it will be great if it works with higher grid points…

any idea? thx in advance!



It will help to see the GH file to check.

I don’t think there is a problem with the height you set your test points. I’ll guess it is more related to the section of your wall. I mean where the window starts, what is the sill height, or something in this direction.