3DPDFs of Ladybug/Honeybee results

Rhino version: 5

Grasshopper Version: 0.9.0076

Ladybug/Honeybee version: 0.0.61/0.0.58

Question: Is there a way to get results from Ladybug/Honeybee into 3D PDF. I can get the model in through SimLab/Tetra 4D, but the results mesh (or vector – I have tried both) do not show up. I’m assuming this is because they don’t have a material associated with them?


It sounds like you need to have the mesh colors formatted as an image texture map. I had plans for building this option automatically into Ladybug but have not gotten around to it yet. There are ways to do it now that are a bit hacky but should work for you. See this conversation:


And this discussion has the script that will get you there:



Thanks Chris! I’ll give it a go and see how it works.