A post in "IES luminaires in Honeybee [+]" requires staff attention

Hello, this is my first ever contribution to this forum. Without thinking I used my actual name as a username and also stated my location (by the Amsterdam weather-file). Because of this there are some commercial privacy related concerns in my company. Would it be possible to remove this discussion and allow me to continue my contributions using a new account with a proper alias?

Hi @Shane, you can just change your name. No need to create a new account or remove this one.

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for your reply.
I am not able to change my username (there is no pencil icon next to my username, as there is next to my profile picture, email adres etc.)

In addition to me changing my username, could all instances of ‘Shane’ be removed from the article text as well please? Thanks in advance.

P.S: Aside from the small username mistake I made, I am really enjoying the forum so far, lots of interesting content!