A Question with UTCI Cal. in the Vid. Tutorial

Hi! I just have a quick question inside the video tutorial!

Inside the workshop #1Par. Environ. Modeling with Ladybug_Video 3_47:00,

The data we were looking for was

(Exposed to Wind no Sun) = Comfortable & (Exposed to Wind and Sun) = Uncomfortable.

I understand that it should be -2<a<2,

and obviously, the exposed sun (mean radient temp.) is added so it should be b>1

cause we are looking for datas that should be hotter than the previous output.

But, by just looking at the logic, i thought that it could be -2<a<2 and not (-2<b<2).

I hoped to get the same results, but there were some parts that got even colder with additional sunlight.

Am i missing something or is it just the way it is?

This is the data that was in the tutorial

and this is the data with -2<a<2 and not (-2<b<2).

You’d be able to see that -1 parts in the first one got even colder.