A same gh file shows different energy simulation results on two computers

I want to calculate the annual energy consumption of a building.But the gh file got different results on my computer and that of my friends.The difference in results is close to 10%.I think it is too great. We confirm that we are using the same file.The versions we used are also same, open studio 2.5.0.May I know why this is happening?

Processing: 11_16_235.gh…

Processing: 11_16_235.gh…

This is gh fileProcessing: 11_16_235.gh…

The link to your file is empty, @NancyZhu but that file does not look like a minimal sample that’s needed to recreate the issue. Are you sure that any names you’ve specified for schedules are unique? Also, are you certain that the two machines have the exact same version of Ladybug Tools installed and this is the version that’s compatible with the components in the Grasshopper definition?

If one of you is using a newer feature in a later version of the software, it’s possible that one of the machines is using this new feature while the other is not.

It is very nice of you, thank you very much for your answer, I’m sorry there may be some problems during the file upload process.
We have the same open studio version,the Ladybug Tools version is a little different. But after a series of checks, I finally found out what the problem was.It is mainly due to the different sources of weather documents. Although we chose exactly the same location, the weather files come from inconsistent sources, one is a CSWD file and the other is an IWEC file.After using the same weather file source, we succeeded in getting exactly the same results.

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