A wall with different type of glasses

Hi Everybody,

I wanna analyse a room’s daylight with different type of glasses on the exterior wall, but I wonder how to assign them to the wall as child surfaces. For example five windows by five materials.

Thanks inadvance

Hi Massome, If you try the latest version of Honeybee addHBGlz accepts list of constructions and also names! Here is a Hydra that shows the process.

Hi Mostapha,

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I assigned windows, but by adding materials an error occurs. “The material can’t be find in library”, However, it is added in library. What’s the problem?
Thanks for your help

Hi Masoome. I guess I know why this is happening. Add to library doesn’t make a new line between the materials and then it fails to read them back correctly. Let me check and will get back to you soon.

My guess was wrong! Nevertheless it is fixed now.

Thanks mostapha,

In this step the problem is solved.