[a workaround] how to bake colored brep shown in the preview component?

May I ask how to bake the breps shown in the preview component with their respective colors as shown below?

Mesh with color can be baked to Rhino, but I haven’t found a way to bake breps with color.


Ok, let me reply myself:

This is a workaround which might be too complicated:

  1. convert the zone brep into mesh

  2. duplicate the data for each zone based on the number of faces of the mesh of that zone

  3. join all mesh and flatten duplicated zone data

  4. use recolor mesh component to generate the colored mesh which can be baked into Rhino with the color for rendering or animation.

I assume that there is more efficient way to do it … appreciate your kind suggestion.

Hi Grasshope,

Thanks for the little trick, quite useful!

I’m working on memory here, so excuse me not posting the actual solution, but I am pretty sure Human components also do what you are trying to do (and a few other cool things too).

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,