About "HB Apply Lighting Control" and "Lighting Schedule"

Does “Lighting Schedule” still work when I set “ill_setpoint” in “HB Apply Lighting Control”? What are their control priorities, or how do they collectively control lighting on and off or lighting energy consumption?

@chris, Sorry to bother you again, could you help me with this question?

Hi @123songhaodong,

As far as I know the setpoints works on top of the schedule. You can check out easily by looking at the output of of the lighting output of the read room energy result.


@Erikbeeren is correct. The lighting schedule is meant to represent when the people are in the space to turn the lights on. The daylight controls get applied on top of that, dimming the lighting power to meet the illuminance setpoint.

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  • Thank you, Erikbeeren. I seem to have it all figured out

Hello, Chris, when I set the schedule as “1”, the energy consumption is twice as much as that set as “0.5”. Can I understand that: if the schedule is of the type of “Fractional”, it means that some lights in the room are turned on.