About the feature category

This category is for posting new ideas for Ladybug Tools software features and voting on them. Only citizens of the Ladybug Tools community, who help financially support Ladybug Tools at the level of “Citizen” on our Patreon page can cast votes or propose new ideas in this section.

Ladybug Tools Bill of Rights
Governing voting privileges

  • At any given time, each Ladybug citizen possesses 5 votes that they can cast towards either new video tutorial series or new software features that they want to see produced next.
  • Each citizen may revoke their vote for a given idea at any time. Doing so will free up one of their 5 votes such that it can be cast towards other ideas.
  • Any citizen can propose an idea for a software feature. Proposals for new features can be for any of the insects or for Ladybug Web Tools like epwmap. They can be for any interface (ie. Grasshopper, Dynamo, etc).
  • For the sake of others who may vote for a given idea, please be clear about what type of feature you are imagining when you propose it. Write a detailed description so that others understand what is being proposed and so that they can set expectations correctly.
  • The popularity of proposed features will be taken into account when the developers decide the code edits that they prioritize.
  • If a given feature requires another, more fundamental feature to be implemented before it, the developers will make a note of this on the post and link to another proposal for the more fundamental feature.
  • Once a given feature has been implemented, anyone who voted for the feature will have their vote returned to them such that they can then apply that vote to other feature proposals and video stutorials.
  • The developers reserve the right to archive proposals that are redundant of existing proposals or cannot be produced.