About using Radiance to simulate city scale

Because the radiance in honeybee can simulate the number of reflections and determine the surface material, I choose to use radiance to simulate large-scale urban radiation, but there is a problem

  1. I identify the volume as honeybee_surface, but it only simulates one surface

Because in the new version, it will be more troublesome to recognize these faces as honeybeemodel, so I have to use the old version.

@chris * Please take a look at my question

test2.gh (404.1 KB)

  • This is my case file

Hi @123songhaodong, I would be happy to help but your question is not clear at all. Are you asking for a solution to visualize the face inside Rhino/Grasshopper? There are several components that allow you to visualize the geometry.

I want to use Radiance to calculate the radiation of the building surface at the urban scale, but when I connect the city block, it only calculates the radiation of one surface, not the other surfaces, so I want to ask how do you do it. Thanks so much

Hello, I have more description of the problem below, please help me

It looks like you are using Honeybee[+], which is mostly deprecated at this point. I suggest installing LBT 1.4 from Food4Rhino and using that instead. You will see the installation instructions here:

thank you, chris,But I don’t know if LBT1.4 can perform Radiance simulation operations for large scenes.

Also, sorry to bother you, where is the difference between the windows generated by LBNLwindow and the windows generated in honeybee