Accounting for longwave radiation exchange with the sky in MRT

Hi all,

A question for the MRT experts…
I just want to make sure that the current workflow for MRT calculation in honeybee (towards UTCI) takes into account the sky longwave radiation exchange.
An estimation formula was presented in this paper (formula 3), and I just wanted to check if it is currently implemented in the latest HB components -

Thanks in advance !

Jonathan Natanian

I believe that you’ll need to employ Ladybug_Solar Temprature Adjustor for that instead of Honeybee_Honeybee Outdoor Comfort Analysis Recipe

Hi @devang,
Yes, I am using the Solar Temperature Adjuster
But this is for the shortwave radiation
I am asking about the longwave radiation exchange with the sky

The horizInfraredRad input to be used. This is used to calculate long wave sky temperature inside the component. The formula you are referring to.

So the Solar Temperature Adjuster also estimates the Sky longwave radiation exchanges (using the simplified formula)
That brings me to another question - It is indicated in that component that the sky longwave radiation calculation will be conducted only in case we tick True, meaning BaseTemp=DrybulbTemp which is not my case (I input the MRT).
Any ideas?

Since you are supplying MRT to the _baseTemperature input, you will supply FALSE to the _baseDryBulbOrMRT. I believe this true/false toggle does not concern the horizInfraredRad input.