ACH input values for re-circulation

Thank you so much @chris for your help.
I ran a few simple test and saw that the values were getting grouped as you described. :+1::+1:

Another question is in regards to the ACH values that are getting entered into the re-circulation input. Where are those values getting transferred to in OSM / IDF? The reason I am asking is because when I review the output HTML I see that the Mechanical ventilation ACH variables do not match the values I entered in Honeybee. I am wondering why that is and what needs to be done to correct that.

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I am bringing this question back up.

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@FabianPosadas ,

Sorry for the very late reply here. The way that honeybee currently implements the recirculated air is by specifying a fixed minimum air flow on the zone terminal unit equivalent to the fresh air + recirculated air. However, the outdoor air controller is set to max out at just the value needed to hit the fresh it target. In my experience, this has always worked and I have modeled a lot of hospital patient rooms where this recirculation is necessary on all-air HVAC systems. Can you clarify what you mean when you say that the airflow vues are not correct in your model? And upload an example file that explains what you mean?

I should also say that you can check the actual flow rates at individual HVAC nodes by requesting the HVACparams output and using the Read EP HVAC Result component. This is how I have vaildated that the recirculated air is working correctly in the models that I have built.

Thanks Chris.

I remember that ACH values that I was entering into the recirc component were not maching up with the HTML output ACH values. When I get in front of my station I can share a simplified version of my def.

I have not check checked the HVACparams output but I will take a look at that.

Thanks again