Adaptive Comfort Map Doesn't Give Results

I’m trying to get indoor air temperature values by using the Adaptive Comfort Map tool. It gives me an error of “Need more than 1 value to unpack”. I don’t understand this error. Any idea and help would be appreciated. (340.6 KB)

I’ve figured out that when I change the analysis period to annual analysis, it gave results. Still, I need only a specific period. But I guess, from annual results I can get that specific period.

I am not able to run your sample file since it does not include the geometry but I am nearly positive that this run period issue was a bug that was recently fixed in the latest development version of the plugin, which you can get with the LB Versioner. Needless to say, the fix will also be in the next stable release that is planned for this month.

Hi Chris, thank you for your answer. I’ve actually solved the problem by connecting period to run_period_.
However, I’m a bit indecisive on updating LBtools. I’ve seen that some people had some issues while updating their versions. Do you have any recommendations/suggestions about that? Or do you have any guidelines before/during the update? Because, at the moment I need to urgently submit one paper, and if any problem occurs with the software, I may not have enough time to solve it.

There’s just 3 steps to upgrading to use the latest development version of the plugin:

  1. Run the LB Versioner.
  2. Restart Rhino
  3. Run the LB Sync Grasshopper File component on any old Grasshopper definitions that you want to be synced with your newly-updated version.

We’re also going to release a new stable version in another week or so. So it’s your call.

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Thank you for this description. I may be waiting for the new release then.