Adaptive comfort recipe error


I’m trying to run a simulation to generate a micro climate map, and i’m getting this error in the adaptive comfort analysis recipe component:

  1. Solution exception:Local variable ‘w’ referenced before assignment.

what does it mean?


You probably need to update your components.
You can also try and upload the file to have a look.

Updating didn’t help…
here are the files:

anna-double skin-geometry.3dm (60.1 KB) (906.7 KB)

Hi @annaboim,
The error was produced because you didn’t define the panel with the list of the names of the surfaces as Multiline, for both zones.
Just changing that makes the simulation to work. Attached working file.
Good luck.
-A. (917.0 KB)

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Thank you!

Hello, I am facing the same problem with the error- Solution exception: Local variable ‘w’ referenced before assignment. I have defined a panel with list of names for both zones.

Please help
Thank you