Adaptive comfort simulation with natural ventilation


I am working with an adaptive comfort simulation for a simple shoebox. I would like to add a natural ventilation to my script.
I made a try with HB ventilation control but it does not seems to affect my thermal map results.
Do I miss some inputs on my Adaptive comfort recipe?
I am attaching here my grasshopper definition.
Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you (177.9 KB)

I tested removing outdoor temperature and delta temperature definition from the vent control, which would yield differences. Please note that the outdoor temperature is below your min_out_temp of 18C during your simulation period. I think that explains.

What a rookye mistake thank you @XavierZhouLadybug.
I was tinking I should have added more input like air volume flow, surface temperature,view factor.
I can not see them in the new version. Probably I just have to practice a bit more.
Is it a way to insert all these parameters in the version 1.5 of Honeybee?

Thanks for the help

I think in version 1.5, the AD component reads all these from the result file automatically and takes them into account in the calculation.

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