Add glazing to zone

hi everyone … I’m trying to add a custom glazing to my zone but the component (HB_addHBGlz) doesn’t show the windows. Do you have any suggestions for it?

Can you please share a relevant part of your file?

hi @devang
thank you for your reply … yeah sure… this is it
970711 facade parametric (681.5 KB)

I’ve highlighted the component with red color in the algorithm… I hope you can fine a solution for it…


I believe it work fine at my end. Did you check that your rhino unit is in meters and tolerance is 0.01. That’s what my settings are anyway.

hi @devang
I’ve corrected the rhino unit and tolerance but there are some problems again.
first it shows the room like this:

second the honeybee zone in an open brep instead of closed.
third: the addglazing component shows just one window !!!

I really don’t understand the problem…
If there are any solutions I really want to know…
thanks a lot

Since I am not able to re-create the error at my end, I am unable to help. Please carefully check if the child surfaces are co-planar to the host walls. Increasing the tolerance may help as well.

It understood the error now!! I didn’t flatten window component and that’s why it got the error…
thank you so much @devang

I’m having exactly the same problem. I’ve made this test model which you can download below. It is a very simple model to only test adding custom glazing as demonstrated in this video ( by @chris. I follow it step by step, but it doesn’t work. I changed the Rhino units as well, but no avail…
download link:

Thanks for the information. It is useful.