Add internal shade to windows directionwise

I’m testing the effect of internal shades on glare in only specific facades (south & west) instead of all. I don’t have any geometry for the same, thus don’t know how to improvise the script (attached)? As the windows are by ratio, I suspect the internal shades also have a similar ordeal? (109.9 KB) (101.8 KB)

With louvre shades you can define the shades by orientation.

Thanks @Erikbeeren I’ve plugged in boolean ‘true’ to ‘indoor’ input of this component; that’ll count the shades to be internal I suppose?

yes, the discription is in the component.

Is there a way to create shades in grasshopper without creating geometry in Rhino? As I want to reduce glare and so far louvers don’t change much. I’ve also experimented with different orientations.