Add modifiers to the library in Honeybee Radiance 1.3

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I wonder if is possible to add new materials to the modifier library in Honeybee Radiance 1.3.
I remember I used to do it in the old versions of Honeybee as shown in the following picture.

Now I only see a set of preestablished material library like this.

Does someone know how to add new materials to the library and then applied them to surfaces like the old Honeybee legacy version? if so, please could you let me know how

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looking to get this answered as well…thanks!

There is a library of user standards in the LBT plugin (including modifiers) but it is loaded up when Grasshopper starts and is meant to be used when you want to apply the same modifier in several Grasshopper definitions by only using the name of the modifier that you have created.

You can write the modifiers that you create in Grasshopper into your personal user standards library using the HB Dump Objects component. You just need to make sure that you write them into your personal user-standards folder like so:

Note that the more recent versions of Ladybug Tools and Pollination place the user standards folder in the following location:

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Thank you very much @chris!

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