"add parallel applications to windows' firewall rules" runtime error installing openfoam/bluecfd

New to Ladybug tools, getting started with Butterfly for wind flow simulation. Installing latest blueCFD/OpenFOAM on Windows 10 and I get a “runtime error (at 87:1982)” with this in the background:

“add parallel applications to windows’ firewall rules”

So I guess that must be what it was trying to do when it got the error? I do have admin rights on this PC but I expect my employer has locked all sorts of things down.


  • anyone know what this means? Couldn’t find on the net what is meant by parallel applications are or why they would need a special firewall rule
  • is this important?
  • is there anything I should know about this issue?

It went fine forward after this, but since I’m new I’m going to find lots of things I can’t get to work at first. I’d like to know if this is likely to be one of those problems.