Add some new component for solar load and surface radiation in butterfly

Hi guys!
I am very interesting in urban heat island simulation.I have read some paper and these paper showed it is available for solar load.
I have learn the outdoor airflow,indoor airflow and HVAC simulation example in butterfly.And i want to know is it possible adding solar load and surface radiation function to butterfly next version.
Can we couple solar radiation using Radiance ,surface temperature using Openstudio and CFD simulation using butterfly for urban heat island simulation?

Below is some relate material. Hope butterfly can add this function

Thermal stratification and vegetation effects on the urban micro-climate – a CFD study.pdf (1.6 MB)

And OpenFOAM’s detailed description about solar load.

@minggangyin, have you seen [the second paper] ( on Ladybug Tools publication page?

@mostapha Yeah.I have read the paper< <“Wind, Sun, Surface Temperature, and Heat Island: The Critical Variables for High‐Resolution Outdoor Thermal Comfort.”>>.I almost understand the theory and the method.But I don’t how to make it true in Ladybug Tools. Is there some relate example variable ?

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I found this topic quite interesting and it is related to the following question:

I am using the Buttefly Atrium example file as a basis to investigate the pressure distribution and ventilation profile of a building with Double Skin Facade (DSF).

As boundary conditions, surface temperatures can be established, but I would like to know if it would be possible to use solar radiation instead. Is that a way?