Adding Blinds to a Model Using Honeybee_EPWindowShades

Hello All,

I am trying to add blinds to my model to generate the energy consumption in two scenarios: (1) blinds open, and (2) blinds closed. I am using the schedules Always On for the scenario 1 and Always Off to scenario 2 (these are controlled by a basic python script). For some reason, I cannot generate the HBObjWShades output. I have tried multiple settings to solve the issue without any success. I need the blinds to cover all window.

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Joao P. Carneiro (602 KB)


Update your components to the latest version (see attached).

Also, E+ can’t generate a blinds material for a shade that is deeper than 1 meter. For these cases, you should just take the shadeBreps, plug them into a HBContext component.

-Chris (606 KB)

Thanks Chris for the help.

Earlier today, I used the update honeybee and update ladybug components. But I am assuming that it did not change the components on my canvas. I always thought that these components automatically changed the components used. Should I replace one by one every time that I update? I have set both inputs to true.



The update component should do that for you. Sometimes some components need to be reinserted, when the number of input/output items change.


Thanks Guys