Adding fixed shading device to an elevation using HB Add Shade

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to add a horizontal shading device to an elevation using the ‘HB Add Shade’, but when I hook up the façade or the zone to the component I get the error: 1. Solution exception:‘Brep’ object has no attribute ‘duplicate’. I built the shading device in grasshopper for later MOO with other elements, and I just want to attach it to the elevation. I updated both Rhino and Ladybug plugins and nothing changed.

Any idea how to do it? I’m attaching the file here.

You need to turn the the Brep geometry into a Shade object first by passing it through the HB Shade component.

I already did that and passed it to HB Shade component. I get this error when I hook up the elevation (HB surface) to the “HB Add Shade” component. I got a lot of errors when I connected Legacy version components to 1.4.0 components. Are the 1.4.0 compatible with the Legacy version? You can check the file I attached to know what I’m talking about here.

No. You can’t connect Legacy and LBT components and expect them to work together. You can have both Legacy and LBT plugins installed alongside one another but you should stick to using components from only one of the two plugins when you guild Grasshopper definitions.

Looking at your file I see that this is the issue. You should us the LBT HB Face component instead of the Legacy HBSurface.

Got it!
Thanks Chris.