Adding glazing to multiple zones

Hello all,

I’m trying to using “Glazing based on ratio” to add glazing to a set of zones, each on their own branch, with ratios given on the same list structure, as seen below. However, when I try to run the simualtion, it doesn’t run, the following error appears for all zones:

The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error: ** Severe ** For zone: ZONE_131 it is not possible to calculate the volume from the surrounding surfaces so either provide the volume value or define all the surfaces to fully enclose the zone.

That happens even though all zines are closed breps, and I can get their volume with a simple volume component in GH. Also the same simulation runs normally without trying to add glazing, so I’m sure the problem is in this step. Does anybody have any idea how to deal with this?

Thank you,


Without seeing the geometry, it’s hard to tell what can be causing the issue, but two possibilities that might cause an error when adding glazing:

  1. The surface is very small.
  2. The surface has an odd shape.

Check if the room in question has either problem surfaces that it is trying to apply a window to wall ratio on.