Adding Interior windows via HB Add Subsurface says it only works for Outdoor Boundary Conditions

Hi again :slight_smile:

This time, I’m having issues with adding interior windows to my model. I create surfaces and make them into apertures. Then when I want to add them to the rooms using “HB Add Subsurface” I get an error, as seen in the picture.

I am confused since I tried it with the sample file “afn_apartment_model” and there it works just fine. Wondering what the issue is here.

hamhans (158.2 KB)

Hi @hamhans ,

You need to assign interior windows to the parent faces before you solve adjacency between those parents. Otherwise, the boundary condition of the apertures might not be correct. Here is how to do it for your case using the same setup as is used in the sample: (168.8 KB)

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Thanks @chris! appreciate your quick and helpful replies.