Adding Radiance Materials to Honeybee

Hi guys,

I would like to simulate the effect of reflections of beam solar irradiance and concentration due to concave aspect of a facad (as for the 20 Fenchurch Street building in London).

I read this post on the same subject:…

But I don’t understand exactly how to assign the materials to the surface.

When I use the Honeybee_CreateHBSrfs component it gives me an error:

  1. Solution exception:Faild to import void glass glass_alt_mat
    3 0.96 0.96 0.96

void brightfunc glass_angular_effect
2 A1+(1-A1)(exp(-5.85Rdot)-0.00287989916) .
1 0.08

glass_angular_effect mirror glass_mat
1 glass_alt_mat
3 1 1 1

Have you ever solved the same issue? If possible, how would you simulate this effect with Honeybee?

Any help would be appreciated

You’re trying to add 3 materials to a single surface all together. The last one (glass_mat) is the material that should be connected to the surface. For the other two add them to the library and radiance/honeybee should call them during the run. Here is an example.

Thanks a lot Mostapha!