Adding Shading System to Daylight analysis

Hi, i try to add a shading system (louvers) to my daylight analysis for a university project but looks like there is no any way to do it, i did it to my study for the operative temperature but on daylight study its looks impossible, is there is anyone who can help me to find an easy solution

thank you so much
honeybee sun (597.8 KB)
Sun analysis.3dm (48.6 KB)

this image show how my sun analysis looks like

hi you should add them as surfaces in 0.64

In 1.4 you have separate components for shades

thank you Kon, but there is no any area that i can connect honeybee surfaces as shades, that was my main issue

honeybee sun (606.8 KB)

I’m not sure if I got question right. But here is one way of adding shades.

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thank you so much this is worked :slight_smile:

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Glad I could help. Try 1.4 logic is a bit more clear for building models.

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