Adding window to room - failed due to inaccurate model? (HB 1.1.0)


I’m trying to add windows to rooms in HB 1.1.0, and I’m having issues with my geometry.
See the GH definition below:

I’m getting the following warning:

  1. The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face:

Is it a tolerance issue? My Rhino tolerances were set to 0.01 Meters, which was quite coarse.
I’ve tried making sure the faces are coplanar by setting the control points along the X axis with SetPt.

Creating rooms from scratch did work with windows this way (with the setup above).
I have quite a lot of rooms already in Rhino and I would be curious to hear what the solution could be without remodelling the whole thing from scratch.

Geometry should be internalized.

LB_forum_adding window (20.4 KB)

You just need to move it a bit in the Z direction. The problem is that you modeled it until the bottom edge. Windows should leave a small margin to the edges. This is a limitation in E+, being the window a subsurface of the hosting wall.


Yes, that helped! Thanks!
How big should be the margin?
I’ve moved 1cm from the edges and it recognized the window, but I haven’t run a simulation yet.

To be on the safe side i would leave 5 cm.

Thanks for the answer as I encountered the same issue with windows.

I’d also like to ask if doors need to fulfill the same rule?
Because I added a HB_door battery, and assigned a surface (connected to the floor) to it, but the same warning occured.

Does the room has to be solid or poly surface would be fine?

Yes, rooms have to be solid and doors should be offset form the edge of their parent. Generally speaking, Honeybee has 5 Golden Rules that Govern Geometry:

The 5 Golden Rules of Honeybee Geometry

  1. All geometries must be planar.
  2. All geometries must NOT be self-intersecting (like a bowtie shape).
  3. All children sub-faces (Apertures and Doors) must be co-planar with their parent Face and lie completely within its boundary (not touching it).
  4. All adjacent object pairs (faces and sub-faces with a Surface boundary condition) must have matching areas.
  5. All Room volumes must be closed solids.

Hi Chris, I’ve created some apertures based on the original model (a closed polysurface)with a scale, but showing the following error message. However, if I use extrusion, it works.

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The message seems clear to me. Don’t add the apertures to parent Faces with Ground or Adiabatic boundary conditions.

FYI, in the event you are trying to add the apertures to parent Faces with a Surface boundary condition (after running Solve Adjacency), the latest development version of the LBT plugin supports this capability on the HB Add Subface component. So you can run the LB Versioner to get a component that does this. For LBT 1.3.0, you have to solve adjacency after you add the apertures to Faces.

Hi @chris, thanks for your reply. It’s strange, but the model worked when I saved it to another rhino model.

This was extremely helpful. I was chasing my tail for a while until I came across this. Not an obvious thing. Thank you!