Additional string error inputting into 'HB Run OSM'

I am having trouble inputting additional strings to the ‘HB Run OSM’ component in order to run my model using Ironbug components. The additional string is read correctly when it is simply input into the ‘HB Model to OSM’ component, but when I incorporate an Ironbug HVAC system using ‘Ironbug_Save to File’ and connect the same additional string into the ‘add_str’ in ‘HB Run OSM’, I get the error ‘1. Solution exception:expected str, got list’.

Please see screenshots and an example file below. I appreciate any thoughts about how to resolve this error.

add_str using (106.2 KB)

Hi @molly,

Please see this HB Run OSW Component.
If you change manually the component your file works

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Thank @BestiaParda for your time, that worked for me!