Additional strings for the energy model of the HB Adaptive Comfort Map


When running the “HB Adaptive Comfort Map” component, is there a way to input additional strings into our energy simulation just like how we usually do it for the “HB Model to OSM” component?

The reason for this is because I would like to include ground heat transfer into the IDF that calculates the comfort matrix object which visualizes the thermal map. Any leads on this would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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I literally just added this to the component a couple of days ago. I was debating whether I should support this by allowing people to plug in an IDF file for the _model input but I think it’s just easier to expose additional strings. Just run the LB Versioner and restart Rhino. Then, you’ll have a version of the adaptive comfort recipe into which you can plug your additional strings.

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Great! Just saw it. Thanks, Chris!

@chris Any plans to add the additional strings for other comfort maps such as UTCI?

Not really. We went with a different approach for the UTCI maps since there were many more people who wanted to run the UTCI simulation for Honeybee Models that could not be simulated in E+ (eg. shade-only Models). this flexibility won out over the flexibility to further customize the energy simulation with additional strings.

If you really needed this type of workflow right now, you can run the PMV or Adaptive maps and just post-process the results through the LB UTCI Comfort component to give you UTCI.