Adjacencies and boundary conditions

I have a few related questions regarding adjacencies. Most of this is just understanding the terminologies and actual functions of the HB tools. I am new to energy modeling and these tools. If there are any tutor-like sessions or workshops available for these tools, please let me know.

the model is a multi-room model

  1. If I have a workflow defining rooms by BREPs > Solve Adjacencies > Create Model; faces (that I believe to be coplanar (all points were set with SETPT to one axis) show as “outdoor” as a boundary condition attribute.

  2. BREP > HB intersect faces > Solve Adjacencies > Model; Faces are split appropriately, displaying “surfaces” as a boundary condition attribute. But if faces aren’t “intersecting” but are coplanar, what happens to the model? Or is the HB intersect faces used for this condition as well?

  3. BREP faces > HB face > HB room > Solve adjacencies > model. This works, but there is no “surface” option for bc boundary condition. What do I use here for two coplanar faces that are interior partitions?

Intersect the breps before solve adjacencies.