Adjacencies, EP constructions, boundary conditions and windows

Hello 2all.
The issue is when I create a window for the internal zone (no issues with no window).
The error: “Number of windows doesn’t match between alcoba1_Srf_2 and 9a3b694a7b9c45748553. Make sure adjacent surfaces are divided correctly and have similar windows”.

  • The window is a bit smaller than the hole of the trombe zone, so no adjacencies with edges of trombe zone
  • I tried to add child surface for windos to both zones, Obviously at the trombe zone, no window created.
  • Different normal for child surface tested.

I don´t know what to do now. Perhaps because it isn´t a regular zone?

Thanks for the thelp

_VsP.3dm (694.5 KB) (623.8 KB)


Doing some test I found that no windows are created for walls with adjacencies. In my example I run the solve adjacencies first and then glazingBasedOnRatio . For all walls, windows were created except for the wall with adjaceny. The same for custom windows

What´s happening?

Did you try to create the windows first and solve the adjacency after that? That should work fine.

@JuanPabloTrujilloLev ,

The glazing based on ratio component only adds exterior windows. If you want to create an interior window, you need to make sure that you have matching interior window geometries on both of the adjacent interior surfaces of the two adjacent zones before you solve adjacencies. Only then will Honeybee correctly identify the window geometry as interior.


Thanks @mostapha and @chris for your guidence.

Im not creating interior windows and I tried the method suggested for Mostapha. In the way I did some test about this issue:

1- I noticed a characteristic of adjacencies component: only apply adjacencies when 50% or more of the ground edge are intercepted. If there is less tan 50%, no adjacencies applied and the zones are exterior zones with extererior constructions. Also I saw that with no adjacencies created, the window was added to the zone as exterior window. If adjacencies are created all the intercepted surfaces are interior constructions, even if the BC are exterior, the same for windows that are interior windows.
?- Is possible to assign adjacencies when less than 50% is intercepted? eg a tunnel connecting two buildings?
?- Is possible assign multiple boundary conditions to adjacent surfaces to get the proper ones?

less than 50% of ground edge intercepted

More than 50%

2- I tried the wordflow of Mostapha with no luck. Doesn´t matter if the solveAdjacencies are created after or before the addGlazing component, the erros is there. And appears when more than 50% of ground edge is intercepted and obviously no windows added. (1. Number of windows doesn’t match between zone_3004_Srf_0 and zone_3005_Srf_1. Make sure adjacent surfaces are divided correctly and have similar windows. for the attached model). Also I found in the “decompose based on type component” the window appears as interior window, but in the ep construction is an exterior window.
?- This affect the energy calculations?
!- I noticed that in radiance, the windows is there and light incoming from outside.
I can´t find a solution to this but I hope this could be improved.

3- I noticed when I run first add glazing component and then the adjacencies, if the two adjacent surfaces are in the intercepted range (50% or more of ground edge) a Interior Window was created automatically. However, the tone of the color for interior window is different when is automatically created or the interior window in the point 2 of the post.

Well… I hope this could be useful 4all.
I changed the name of the thread trying to show the main issues.
Thanks to all (68.8 KB)


just a quick tip regarding the Solve Adjacencies component to unblock you here. For it to work correctly, the surfaces on both zones need to match precisely. In your case you´d need to subdivide both of your co-planar surfaces for them to match each other - having both an interior and exterior surface on each side. Otherwise the Solve Adjacencies Component won´t pick them up.

Probably this tutorial from @chris would be helpful,

Gracias @RafaelA. The adjacencies component runs fine in normal adjacent conditions like a compact building. For the test I create the zones parametriclly to be sure the adjacent surfaces has common faces. The issue is when the common faces aren´t adjacent in the 100% of his area like a not compact building. By the way, nice front page, i like “ARCHITECTURE MEETS PERFORMANCE”.

If you are creating the zones parametrically, then you´d need to pass them through Intersect Masses component before creating the zones.

Basically, when the common faces are not adjacent 100% you need to split those faces into smaller ones, so that the resulting surfaces are either exterior, or 100% coincident. The video covers this bit in good detail.

Thanks :wink:

A basic step I forgot. Whit that, all should work fine